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Jacksonville JUG Java Users Group - 9/21/16

Had another great outreach Meetup today. This one was up in Jacksonville today. Here's a quick pic and some basic info, but will do write ups and give more pics and a few videos (some intentional, some unintentional like when I was trying to take a picture:P) from this and the last few SAFE-FS outreach Meetups.

Today was a JAX Java Users Group Meetup (small today, only 9 people) with "lightning talks" (usually sub-10min presentations), where some topics were Scala,, functional programming, fuzzy programming, and BoA's new bank user cloud project.

Mine was on SAFE-FS :slight_smile: looking back, I definitely should have taken a voice memo of it, because we had some great questions about it, especially from the node / scala server guys. They asked about the plugins (for safe://), the economics, Cryptocurrencies in general, and had lots of questions into this whole world. Was great interest all around, more questions kept coming up. Wish I had David's knowledge of the inner workings:P