• SAFEx

    Decentralized Marketplace

    Daniel Dabek @dallyshalla

    SafeExchange will become the first implementation of a physically-decentralized & uncensorable trading platform, for everything from crypto-coins to any physical item.

  • Project Decorum

    Perpetual Discussions

    Harm @Seneca

    Project Decorum is a communications protocol being built on top of the SAFE Network by Harm, a longtime community member. Much success is expected of him by all watching.

  • Network 99

    Self-Published Art


    Network 99 is a platform for permanent self-publishing and distribution of one's artwork on the SAFE Network. The artist receive 99% of the SafeCoin generated from the GETs.

  • SAFEpress

    Web Publishing Frameworks

    Mark HappyBeing

    SAFEpress is a complete toolkit for people wishing to publish small websites and documents to the SAFE Network. It will allow a simple experience for creating permanent pages.